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How to Identify Cracks in the Walls of a Finished Basement

Drywall and paneling can transform a concrete basement into a warm and inviting environment. Yet those materials also conceal raw foundation walls, which makes detecting wall cracks nearly impossible. Wall cracks can compromise the foundation’s integrity and allow water seepage to damage your space. Still, finding an alternative vantage point can help you pinpoint such problems and get basement crack repair and waterproofing before it’s too late. 

Drainage & Erosion Solutions offers high-quality basement crack repair and waterproofing services to Falls Church, VA, residents. For over 40 years, our team has provided durable drainage solutions for everything from wet yards to soggy basements. Our 20-year foundation wall waterproofing warranty ensures our customers benefit from our services. To learn more about our waterproofing and basement crack repair services, call (703) 534-1949 today. 

Below, we review how to identify foundation wall cracks in a finished basement: 

Inspect from Outside

The presence of interior wall cracks or water damage in your finished basement does not demand you rip out your drywall or paneling immediately. Instead, head outside and walk around your house to assess exterior damages. Locate the top of your foundation wall using a shovel to clear away a few inches of dirt from your house’s base. Once the foundation area is exposed, use a wire brush to remove the remaining soil on the wall’s surface and get the best possible view of hairline cracks. Even minuscule fractures can cause seepage, so examine the foundation’s condition closely.

Identify Indoor Water Damage

To determine where you can start your exterior search, consider the location of the interior water damage. Investigating the corresponding area outside will help you ascertain whether the leak comes from a crack. You can obtain optimum accuracy by measuring the distance from a notable structure, such as a corner or window, to the water-damaged spot and then aligning that measurement with the window’s exterior or corner to pinpoint the crack’s location. 

Not All Cracks Leak

While you may encounter several cracks along your foundation, some may be superficial and harmless. Form lines, for example, result from wood mold removal on damp concrete. Although a “crack” in a broad sense, these imprints remain at the surface level and do not penetrate through. 

Therefore, confirm that the damage extends entirely through the foundation and into your home before labeling a crack as the source of your leak. 

Prevention is the Best Solution

Basement Crack Repair Falls Church, VA

Regardless of whether the space is finished, you can expect damp conditions in your basement. However, minor concrete basement crack repairs can become costly structural repairs if you let the problems go unaddressed. The best solution to counter mold, foundation instability, and bowing walls remains basement waterproofing

Drainage & Erosion Solutions technicians begin basement waterproofing by pinpointing cracks and holes in foundation walls and applying hydraulic cement sealant. Those walls then receive a state-of-the-art waterproof coating as well as footer drains and buried liner systems as needed. Repairs are also subject to meticulous testing to ensure structural integrity.

Spending hours searching for a hairline fracture is strenuous and time-consuming. Yet proactively waterproofing your basement allows you to avoid the task altogether. 

Thorough Basement Crack Repair in Falls Church, VA!

Drainage & Erosion Solutions provides Falls Church, VA, residents with high-quality, long-lasting basement crack repairs. Our expert technicians are trained and certified in identifying and tightly sealing seeping foundation cracks. Call (703) 534-1949 today for more information on our waterproofing and drainage solutions.