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4 Waterproofing Myths Debunked

Those who lack background knowledge about waterproofing may believe it is expensive, invasive, and provides little benefit beyond keeping a home dry. Yet they could not be further from the truth. Waterproofing not only prevents water from penetrating a house but, in doing so, also ensures that the house retains its value and integrity. Let’s debunk several myths about this service’s cost, process, and permanence, then investigate how a waterproofing company can assist you in finding a customized solution—whether that involves outdoor waterproofing or sealing inside walls

Drainage & Erosion Solutions is among the best basement waterproofing companies in Maryland whose services also include foundation repairs and more. Our team of experts inspects properties, generates assessments, and repairs structures for our clients. To learn more about our waterproofing process and services, call (703) 534-1949.

Below, we debunk 4 common waterproofing misconceptions: 

1. Waterproofing Is Too Expensive

Given the sheer variety of waterproofing tasks, costs can vary widely between projects. Yet the price tag will ultimately depend on the structure’s condition and the processes necessary to complete the waterproofing. For instance, a building that requires some excavation to properly waterproof will bear a higher cost than one that only requires sealant. 

Moreover, waterproofing is a long-term investment in a home that can yield excellent benefits over the years. Even if an initial price tag is higher than anticipated, paying it secures your home against foundation water damage and structural integrity issues, the repair costs of which run much higher than those of waterproofing. 

2. All Waterproofing Treatments Are the Same

Non-specialists may assume that “waterproofing” refers to one uniform service that works on all types of structures. In reality, different architectural designs require customized waterproofing solutions and products. Consult a professional to ensure your home benefits as much as possible from a waterproofing treatment

3. I Can Handle Home Waterproofing Myself with Black Tar Paint

Waterproofing Companies in Maryland

Proponents of DIY solutions often turn to black tar paint as their waterproofing product of choice. But contrary to popular belief, black tar paint isn’t suitable for the job and does not represent a viable alternative to professional waterproofing. 

Non-specialists assume that black tar paint can seal cracks and holes. However, it is only effective against water vapor—not flood water or seeping moisture. Professional waterproofing products are designed to combat these forces and more, and professional expertise ensures they receive proper installation.

4. Waterproofing Is Temporary

Finally, some homeowners believe that waterproofing provides a short-term way to prevent leaks and flooding. In truth, quality waterproofing is a long-term capital expenditure that pays dividends over time. Hire a trusted team of professionals to waterproof your home, and the outcome will outlast other repairs and materials. Higher quality materials and labor produce better results. 

Optimal Waterproofing Solutions Can Protect Your Maryland Home!

Drainage & Erosion Solutions is a waterproofing company with 40+ years of expertise and customer service experience serving homeowners in Maryland. Our firm’s engineering and contracting divisions allow us to provide comprehensive assessments and outcomes. Look into our waterproofing solutions for basements and foundations, then call (703) 534-1949 to learn more about our options.