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3 Signs of Foundation Water Damage

Water damage to your home’s foundation is a significant problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. A lack of structure and protection or decaying foundation could cause serious trouble if left unaddressed for too long. To ensure that it remains safe from water damage, talk to an experienced home waterproofing company specializing in foundation inspections and repair. 

Drainage & Erosion Solutions is among the top foundation repair and waterproofing companies in McLean, VA, and Northern Virginia. We specialize in assessing, repairing, and installing preventative solutions against potential water, flood, and erosion damage to your property. Our team is filled with seasoned experts highly trained and skilled in the latest waterproofing, erosion prevention, and drainage methods.

Below, we describe a few of the most evident signs of water damage to your foundation: 

Humidity in the Basement

One initial sign that your foundation may have water damage is if your basement has suddenly become humid. If you attempt to look for other potential sources of moisture causing the humidity and come up with nothing, your foundation is likely the source. 

Cracks have likely formed on the walls of your foundation, with small amounts of moisture trickling through. This moisture will eventually evaporate through the walls and into your basement, causing it to feel humid and damp when it would otherwise be dry. 

Discolored Basement Walls

Another initial sign of water damage in your foundation is if you notice stains or large patches of discoloration on your basement walls. This is yet another symptom of small amounts of groundwater leaking through cracks in your foundation and onto your basement walls.

The discoloration can come from the way the wall paint reacts to moisture or from the minerals the water collects as it seeps through the ground and foundation and into your home.

Once you begin to notice this, contact a specialist from a seasoned home waterproofing company, as they’ll easily be able to inspect and fix the issue, whatever the case may be.

Visible Cracks in Basement Walls

A definite sign of foundation water damage is if you can see a crack in your basement walls. Seeing one means that a wide crack has formed in the foundation behind your basement wall. 

Not to mention, foundations gradually break down due to excess groundwater seeping through, degrading more and more of its structure. 

Once you begin to see a basement wall crack, it also means the foundation wall has already started to buckle, shifting against the pressure from the other side and thus forming a crack against the inner basement wall.   

Drainage & Erosion Solutions: Top Home Waterproofing Company in McLean, VA 

If you see any of the above signs in your basement, be sure to respond quickly and decisively. This means that you should be ready with an expert home waterproofing company to call once the need arises. We at Drainage & Erosion Solutions are experienced in helping our clients prevent their residential or commercial properties from becoming flooded from the issues caused by excess, unmitigated water. Contact us at (703) 534-1949 to learn more about how we can assist in protecting your home and get a free estimate today!