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4 Signs of Poor Basement Drainage and How You Can Correct Them

Ineffective basement drainage poses a structural threat to buildings, one that can result in a substantial safety hazard and costly repair. Therefore, you must remain alert to the warning signs of poor drainage and promptly implement the right basement drainage system. Let’s discuss how you can identify poor drainage and the available solutions to keep your building safe and affordable. 

Maryland residents can turn to Drainage & Erosion Solutions for comprehensive basement waterproofing options. Our company provides award-winning design-build services that include regrading, drainage system installation and repair, retaining wall construction, and more. Our excellent customer service and attention to detail ensures we deliver a positive experience and an effective solution. To learn more about our drainage solutions, call us at (703) 534-1949 today!

Below, we discuss the signs of poor basement drainage and what you can do about them:

Signs of Poor Basement Drainage 

Damages incurred by poor drainage worsen over time, so identifying the symptoms of this issue early in its lifecycle is imperative. 4 telling signs of poor basement drainage are: 


While you can perform short-term corrections to these symptoms, tackling the problem’s root (a poor drainage system) is more effective in the long term. Turn to drainage professionals who can repair or install a basement drainage system when you notice any of the signs listed above. 

Basement Drainage Solutions basement drainage system Maryland

You can choose from several drainage system solutions depending on the cause of poor drainage. Popular options include:


Water naturally flows from high to low points due to gravity, a principle that regrading uses to your advantage. Drainage experts can artificially change the topography of your property using high-density clay fill to direct water away from your home. Doing so prevents improper water from eroding your foundations and penetrating your basement.


Whether implemented on the interior or exterior of a basement, waterproofing addresses poorly sealed walls and foundations. It entails repairing cracks and sealing your structure with a protective coating, among other methods.

Sump Pumps 

Part of an interior basement drainage system, sump pumps remove water from your basement. Although they can’t prevent water from intruding, sump pumps protect homes in areas that experience heavy storm seasons where water intrusion is inconsistent but severe. 

Downspout Extensions 

Rain gutter downspouts may seem too modest a feature to cause poor drainage. However, improperly positioned downspouts can allow water to pool around your home, damaging the structure and creating unfavorable entry points. Nevertheless, downspout extensions offer a promising solution by diverting water from your home to protect it from erosion. 

French Drains

A centuries-old basement drainage solution, french drains are small trenches that channel water into redirecting pipes. These trenches are often covered with permeable fabrics and gravel and may be utilized as a landscape design element!

Trusted Basement Drainage System Installation in Maryland 

Professional basement drainage systems provide valuable benefits to property owners. Residential and commercial property owners in Maryland can look to Drainage & Erosion Solutions for such needs. We offer comprehensive drainage services and promise a solution that works for your property. To discover our impactful drainage solutions, call (703) 534-1949 today.