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6 Patio Design Ideas

custom patio installation service in Annandale VA
A home patio offers not only an idyllic space for relaxation but also an opportunity to showcase your design skills. Have you considered the varying styles of hardscaping that can elevate your backyard? Patios can be multi-level, free-form, symmetrical, and here at Drainage & Erosion Solutions, we are ready to work with you to create the custom patio of your dreams. No matter what you decide on, reach out to a professional patio installation service to make your vision a reality.

For all your waterproofing, erosion, and patio needs – turn to Drainage & Erosion Solutions. Our award-winning design-build firm serves folks in Annandale, VA, and the surrounding area. With a team of full-time employees, we offer outstanding technical expertise and customer service. Our clients are family, and we are here for you in the long run with extensive warranties on all of our work. Reach out today for more information and learn about our available services.

Below, we outline some patio design ideas that can turn your outdoor space into a backyard retreat:

Patio Design Suggestions

  1. Embrace natural features
    Since enjoying the outdoors is a primary benefit of patios, why not use it in your design? Incorporate your yard’s natural features – rocks, large trees, hills – into your plans. Also, consider how to create an eco-friendly patio.Specifically, research your region’s native plants and plant those in your yard. Also, utilize planters to create “railings,” water your plants with rain collected in barrels, and plant plenty of trees. These create natural shade and soak up precipitation.
  2. A multi-level arrangement
    Whether your property contains hills, or you have limited space, a multi-level patio can solve any layout issues. Drainage & Erosion Solutions offers retaining wall installation for hilly land – why not make those walls design features? Multiple levels make a grand statement and organize your outdoor space.They also make your space feel larger. While your patio remains the same square footage, different levels create separation and afford better movement. Our team likes such challenges and our design-build process allows for creative solutions.
  3. Adaptable space
    If you like to host large groups – or you simply want “flexible” space – you could create an adaptable patio. With plenty of open space, you have the opportunity for an endless variety of arrangements. Then, furnish it with modular sectional sofas, which can be pulled apart and shifted.You can keep umbrellas, extra furniture, and a stocked bar cart nearby for quick set-up as well. Nevertheless, carefully consider which building material to use underfoot. You want one that stands up to the elements and works with your aesthetic.
  4. Amorphous or free-form space
    If an adaptable space sounds like too much planning and setup, try taking the “open area” idea to an extreme. Use gravel underfoot – without any extra landscaping or gardening – and allow your “patio” to blend with your yard.While this approach may sound muddled, it allows you to enjoy nature’s beauty without embellishment. Furthermore, it is the cheapest option and easiest set-up.
  5. Symmetrical design
    Opposite the “open space” concept is a symmetrical design – a carefully crafted space using natural materials. Thoughtfully arranged stones, gardens, and lawn patches can appear natural when planned. Paver stones, in particular, help create this sense.However, you could work without paver stones or square garden patches. A clean, contemporary design entails only concrete and grass – which can appear sophisticated in its own right.
  6. Fire or water features
    If you want a fire pit or a fountain on or near your patio, you could design the space around it or make the structure a part of your construction plan. Fire pits – and other fire features – offer something for residents and guests to gather around. Fountains – and other water features – often help to establish a backyard ambiance.

Local Patio Installation Service Available in Annandale, VA!

As the weather continues to warm, consider what a professional patio installation service can add to your home. Residents of Annandale, VA, can reach out to Drainage & Erosion Solutions for hardscaping services and more. Our full-time, experienced team can design and build the patio space of your dreams – just tell us what you would like. Call us today at (703) 534-1949 or fill out our online form for further information!