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How to Find the Right Waterproofing Company

Waterproofing Company Sterling VA

When looking for the best waterproofing company in the Sterling, VA, area that can serve your needs – a considerable amount of research is required and recommended. Always look for a company that is experienced, licensed, offers warranties, and has a good reputation. Not only will these efforts give you peace of mind, but they will also ensure that your needs and budget are met.

In addition to implementing our tips, it is always a good idea to scope out multiple companies to find the best fit for your project. The rule of thumb is to review 3 estimates, especially if they are free, like the initial consultations from us at Drainage & Erosion Solutions.

For 40 years, clients have trusted Drainage & Erosion Solutions to improve their homes and provide custom waterproofing solutions that truly work. Below, we discuss 5 things you should check before choosing your waterproofing company:

1.     Check Their Experience and Employee Training Program

Try to find companies that have at least 10-15 years of professional experience. Companies with less may not be able to provide warranties as well as the level of services you require. If they have a project gallery, review those to get an idea of their service results.

Companies with decades of experience are very telling in the sense that customers have often gone to them throughout the years for waterproofing assistance. Keep this in mind as you continue your research and compare various options.

2.    Are They Licensed, Insured, and Bonded?

If they are also licensed, insured, and bonded – it indicates that they are familiar with local and state regulations and acquiring the right permits for specific projects.

If they have legitimate certifications, such as an ICPI certification like Drainage & Erosion Solutions does, then you can trust that their team is committed to following industry guidelines for segmental concrete pavement installation and providing comprehensive services as necessary.

3.     Explore Their Customer Reviews

By reading customer reviews on various websites, you should be able to gauge the level of quality certain waterproofing companies provide. It’s also a great way to sift through companies that are not as reputable as they seem.

Read the most recent reviews or reach out to past customers to hear about their personal experiences with the waterproofing companies you are researching. Keep in mind that reviews can be a culmination of the best and the worst experiences. Pay close attention to websites that verify their customers, like Angie’s List.

4.    Check If Their Services Will Meet Your Expectations

Always check which services your potential waterproofing companies offer. Each company may not provide every waterproofing solution, and they might not even serve your area. Double-check these details while you research.

It’s also always advisable to choose an experienced company that can provide assistance for each stage of the home waterproofing process. This way you won’t need to reach out to multiple companies to complete your waterproofing project once you’ve begun.

5.    Do They Provide Warranties?

Investing in waterproofing services is not something to take lightly. Waterproofing companies that take their service quality seriously will offer a warranty with their products or services.

Ask the company questions about both the products, services, and the warranty that will be provided. Do not settle on something that falls short of your expectations.

Prevent Future Water Damage With A Trusted Waterproofing Company in Sterling, VA

Taking the necessary steps to prevent home waterproofing issues from getting worse is key to living comfortably. Our clients rely on our experienced waterproofing company to create personalized solutions that suit their needs. Whether your home needs waterproofing, French drains, regrading, patios or other services – you can count on us to meet your needs and expectations.

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