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Has Water Infiltrated Your Basement? The DES Approach to Waterproofing

Home Waterproofing Service in Alexandria, VA

With fall approaching and Virginia’s rainy season behind us, some homeowners may let their guard down to the potential dangers of water intrusion. You might be content to give only a quick visual scan. But as we have said before, the signs of basement flooding can be subtle. Musty smell? Humid air? Chalky dust on the floor or walls? Each of these may signal water seepage and/or damage.

To protect your home’s foundation, you must shield it from moisture. That takes careful planning and effort, which means you need a reliable team. At Drainage & Erosion Solutions, we provide a full spectrum of home waterproofing services.

The Hazards of Basement Flooding

First, you should note the dire effects that basement flooding can bring about. Water can crack concrete and rot wood, both of which weaken structural stability. What’s more, the moisture produces mold and mildew in your basement. These fungi present severe health hazards for occupants.

Wet basements also attract rodents, insects, and mites. These visitors bring allergens, sickness, and frequent messes.

Locating the Sources

If you suspect that water has infiltrated your basement, you should contact Drainage & Erosion Solutions promptly. By doing so, we can locate the water’s source(s) before much damage is done.

Water may enter a basement several ways: through cracked walls/flooring or from a broken pipe, for instance. But a rising water table or even a natural spring might also cause intrusion.

And once inside, water seeps through wood, drywall, and insulation. This makes tracking difficult and entails expert help. At Drainage & Erosion Solutions, our team has 40 years of combined experience. They excel at identifying problems and practical solutions such as these.

Preventing Further Damage

Once we have established the source(s) of the water, our team will design and produce drainage solutions just for your home. There are a myriad of potential paths, and our steps depend on the needs of each project.

If basement water comes from an old, leaky window, you may benefit from an egress window. This new installation will seal up the old window’s gaps with the added benefit of adding value to your home. Alternative indoor solutions include surface sealants and sump pump installation.

Outside, we can regrade your yard to direct water away from the structure. We can also redirect excess runoff by placing a drainage swale around your home, which would prevent both excessive erosion and washouts. These waterproofing steps eliminate drainage problems before they can become issues.

Choose Professional Home Waterproofing Services for Residents in Alexandria, VA

Whether your water problem is great or small, Drainage & Erosion Solutions is ready to seal your basement and preserve your house. Our home waterproofing services are available to folks in Alexandria and across Northern Virginia. So, keep an eye out for seepage and do not wait to fix it. Even signs of water can signal a need for professional help.

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