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Best Ways to Handle Storm Water Drainage

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Water damage is a significant threat because it gradually deteriorates your foundation and exterior walls. This makes it difficult to find warning signs, and often results in homeowners discovering the issue only after their home has been flooded and their property is left severely damaged. That’s why our home waterproofing company, Drainage & Erosion Solutions, encourages you to seek various methods that prevent water damage and avoid its high cost of repair. 

Swales/Dry Creek Beds

Homeowners in the Northern Virginia area often find that trickles gradually turn into streams, especially when it rains frequently. The excess rain may cause your property to erode, exposing tree roots and washing out mulch beds. Eventually, it can also produce low spots in your yard, increasing the likelihood of erosion on your property.

Our team at Drainage & Erosion Solutions can provide you with a unique drainage swale, or dry creek bed, that effectively stabilizes your soil and prevents your mulch from washing away. Drainage swales are made with materials such as river jack and boulders, which will allow water to flow better through your property.


It can be ‘negative’, with a grade that slopes inward, effectively sending more water towards your foundation during heavy rain storms or other forms of inclement weather. This will slowly but surely degrade the structure of your property.

On the other hand, it can be ‘positive’, in that the ground slopes away from your home and causes the water to flow away from your foundation.

Some homes are lucky enough to have a positive grade, while others aren’t so lucky. Fortunately, our experts are able to adjust your property’s grading to the precise angle that ensures your foundation is protected from excess water from heavy rains and storms. 

Downspout Extension

Storm water can become a large issue when it’s collected off your roof and other surfaces to sit at the base of your home or in low spots in your yard.

Specifically, when downspouts don’t extend far enough from your home’s perimeter to keep water from pooling near your foundation. With our technicians, you can extend each of your home’s downspouts to prevent excess runoff from sticking around. 

We create trenches leading away from each downspout, then replace each end with highly-durable and easily installed extension systems. The pipes connect to the downspout system leading up to your gutters and are then extended further from your home via the trenches. 

Once completed, we bury the extensions and place sod when needed. This allows for your lawn or garden to be restored to its original condition. 

Choose A Certified Home Waterproofing Company in Burke, VA! 

Getting one or more of these waterproofing installations done on your home will help prevent water damage to its foundation. For a fast and efficient installation service, call on a reliable home waterproofing company like Drainage & Erosion Solutions.

Our numerous satisfied clients throughout Burke, VA will testify that our services have saved their homes from thousands of dollars in water and flood damage.

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