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How a Drainage Swale can Benefit Your Lawn

Drainage swales are long, shallow depressions that serve both as an important drainage tool and beautiful landscape feature on your lawn. As a crucial water channel through your yard, professionally installed swales are essential to directing the rainwater runoff away from your home to keep it from damaging your lawn or eroding away mulched areas.


Our team at Drainage & Erosion Solutions can help you improve the look and function of your lawn. As we provide some of the best waterproofing services in the Northern Virginia area, we can help build the most important landscape feature you’ve been missing. Drainage swales can improve the quality of your lawn in a variety of ways and here is what you need to know to help you decide whether a drainage swale is right for your home:

Why Build a Swale?

Drainage Swales can provide a variety of important functions to help maintain the health and integrity of your lawn. Some of those include the following below:

  • Directing stormwater runoff away from your home and lawn to protect their foundations.
  • Preventing soil erosion and the loss of your high-quality top soil.
  • Effectively irrigating gardens to help them flourish naturally.
  • Reducing the risk of flooding

How Can a Drainage Swale Decorate my Lawn?

A swale is a very striking feature to add to any lawn as there are many different ways to build and decorate it, so that it becomes a central and beautiful feature in your landscape. Here are some of the decoration options you can implement to improve the appearance of your swale:

  • Layering with gravel, river jack, or boulders. This can be a charming way to transform the look of your swale from a simple ditch.
  • Adding decorative plants. While improving the durability of your swale, constructing a garden along the edge can be a great feature to better improve the look of your lawn.
  • Building a walkway over the swale. This is a small decorative structure that can be both a unique and useful part of your landscape.

Whether you decide to go simple or extravagant, a drainage swale is a functional part of your yard that provides many opportunities to turn your ordinary landscape into something special.

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Protect your lawn and turn it into an extraordinary landscape with a drainage swale installed by our experienced Drainage and Erosion Solutions team. Along with swales, we are dedicated to providing quality waterproofing solutions such as yard grading services, french drain installations and more to provide the protection your lawn needs and keep your home in the best looking shape all season long! Contact us at (703) 534-1949 to speak with a Drainage & Erosion staff member today!