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Common Causes of Foundation Issues during Winter that Require Professional Foundation Repair

This winter season calls for possible excess amounts of snow and ice! Believe it or not, your home can receive more damage from severe winter weather than you might think. Various features of our homes including your foundation are vulnerable when it’s snowing and sleeting. You can prevent any damage from occurring to your foundation by hiring a professional Arlington waterproofing company in the Northern VA area.

Our team at Drainage & Erosion wants to help keep you and your home safe this season! We provide quality solutions to any drainage and erosion issues you may be experiencing in the colder months. To determine whether you have water damage in your foundation and need repairs, here are a few of the common causes of foundation issues during winter.

Pipes Freezing

burst pipe

Whenever the temperature outside is below 20 degrees, your home’s pipe system can freeze. You can keep your pipes from freezing by setting the temperature in your home above 50 degrees, which also applies to when no one is home.

Frost Heaving

Winter frost can weaken building structures by either heaving the ground beneath the foundation. Ice lenses formed within the soil may thaw and cause the soil to collapse, which can cause the foundation to settle. You can eliminate the chances of frost from heaving by making sure you clean out your gutters often. This way, when the frost thaws, the water does not remain near the foundation and cause damage to it.

Shifting Soil

As most building codes require footing depths of at least 30 inches, vertical ground movements are known to shift over 20 inches! However, depending on the type of weather conditions that are taking place, the ground may heave differently. To guide snow and water away from your home and avoid flooding, you may consider regrading your yard or even installing a french drain. Regrading and implementing a french drain will both allow water to flow away from your home.

Drainage & Erosion Solutions: Best Waterproofing Company in Arlington, VA

Risk less damage to your home this winter by hiring a professional waterproofing company in Northern VA! Drainage & Erosion Solutions provides quality waterproofing solutions such as yard grading services, french drain installations, and more to prevent water from damaging your foundation. Our team cares to keep your home in the best shape so that you can stay comfortable all season long!

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