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Benefits of Installing a Walkway in Your Yard

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At Drainage & Erosion Solutions in Falls Church, VA, our exemplary patio installation services manages all aspects of your hardscaping project. Our team prioritizes you and has your concerns and preferences at the forefront of our minds. We are always happy to hear our customers state that we’re setting the gold standard in drainage system installations, waterproofing, hardscaping and landscaping services.

Here are the key benefits of installing a walkway in your yard:

Sidewalk Appeal

Your property’s appearance from the street can be elevated by a simple hardscaping project. Natural stone or colorful brick walkways are pleasing to the eye and are useful structural elements to enhance your lawn or landscaping design. These pathways can be as bold or as simple as you want them. No matter what, we can help create it specifically to your needs.


Natural stone walkways are easy to care for throughout the year. Hardstone is durable so you will not have to worry about repairing it often or maintaining it regularly. Walkways are easy to care for throughout the year. To clean it properly, you only have to use a hose and soap. If you choose natural stone, then you will never have to worry about stains.

Increased Safety

Besides just giving your land more appeal, adding a walkway can make it easier for people to get to your home. Elderly or younger members of the family can safely move about the property without having to worry about tripping over tree roots or any other obstacles. It also makes hauling wood or using wheelbarrows easier.

Unified Space

Another advantage of getting a walkway is that it helps to create a unified look across exterior spaces. Using different materials also brings attention and offsets the other parts of your yard. Throughout all of the seasons, your walkway will be the highlight of interest.

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