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Water intrusion and leaks occur for several reasons. Most leaks are due to water entering through the house or basement walls. In some cases, it is due to a rising water table or other topographic features such as natural springs pushing water through the foundation. Be it older houses made of cinder block, where hollow spaces and deteriorating cement allow water in or newer houses with poured concrete walls that leak, we have engineered solutions tailored for each case. We specialize in repairing the problem and guarantee our work with tried and proven solutions. Our goal is to address each water intrusion individually and correct it with a holistic approach that encompasses all factors causing the leak. We determine the cause of the leak, how to go about dealing with each unique situation so it never occurs again or is satisfactorily addressed. We keep our clients informed of the progress of each project on a daily basis and what to expect as the job moves on. Learn more about our waterproofing services in Ashburn VA.

French Drains

French drains are a great way to manage water accumulation or intrusion. Surface and subsurface water can quickly become a problem when it begins to pond or flow into a property. Erosion, murky/muddy soil that never dries up, water intrusion into homes and structural problems are a few of the problems that result from uncontrolled surface and subsurface water. A very effective way to manage these types of water accumulations is to install French drain systems. These are sub-surface drains that consist of perforated pipes and are protected by gravels and geotextile fabrics. They allow water to flow in and keep debris and soil out to keep the pipes from clogging. The water is then diverted by solid pipes to exit away from the house or property. Subsurface drains have been in use for centuries to manage surface and sub-surface water. Learn more about our french drain installation services in Ashburn VA.

Downspout Extensions

Rain gutter downspouts are vertical pipes that direct water from the roof from flowing over the edges and damaging foundation walls. Most houses however, have downspouts that exit right by the corners of the house causing further damage. Many builders don’t realize these implications and leave the rain gutter downspouts to exit near the house. These are not properly extended away from the walls. Lack of expertise in drainage and erosion by builders and homeowners leads to costly mistakes down the road due to neglecting this dynamic between roof water and damage to your house. Rain gutter downspouts are one of the major causes for water intrusion into houses as well aside from soil erosion and water accumulation on properties. Many houses we inspect have clear signs of humidity and subsequent mold in the corners due to years of neglected downspout erosion. Learn more about downspout extensions in Ashburn VA.

Drainage Swales

In Northern Virginia trickles can quickly turn into streams when it rains and large areas of your property can erode in no time. Tree roots are exposed and mulch beds wash away with every rain. Low spots form in the yard and eventually erosion patterns spread.  Drainage swales in strategic places stabilize the soil and eliminate washout of mulched area.  They create a channel for the water to flow through your property and depending on the materials used, such as river jack and boulders, it can be a beautiful landscape feature while managing surface water. Learn more about our yard drainage systems in Ashburn VA.


Most clients we visit can benefit from some form of grading to further get water away from their houses. Negative grading creates hydrostatic pressure on walls by constantly forcing water to flow towards house. With high density clay fill, we change the grade around your entire house to create a holistic system that deters water from coming near the vulnerable points around the house and property. Learn more about our yard grading services in Ashburn VA.

Patios & Walkways

We install patios of all sizes, shapes and with a variety of materials. Drainage and Erosion Solutions specializes in the design and installation of permeable paver patios using material such as Techo-bloc pavers, we install concrete patios with flagstone veneer, natural stone and a variety of combinations. Permeable, green, etc. Learn more about our walkway and patio installation services in Ashburn VA.

Retaining Walls

Our natural Pennsylvania stacked stone walls, Techo-bloc paver walls, and timber walls are all guaranteed to look amazing and engineered to last for many years. They are built with french drains for stability and can be designed in almost any configuration. Learn more about our retaining wall installation services in Ashburn VA.

Window Well Egress

Our beautiful and functional window well egress systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your vision. We can even use Pennsylvania stacked stone or Techo-bloc sectional pavers to create a beautiful landscaped egress window well. Learn more about window well egress in Ashburn VA.