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Why You Should Use a Professional Home Waterproofing Company for Basement Waterproofing

Excess water can take over and flood the basements of homes without proper waterproofing in place. From small pipes breaking, to soil erosion, and unexpected rainstorms, there are unfortunately a variety of reasons why a basement may flood. That is why it’s always best to ensure your home is protected and maintained in the best condition. Homeowners must take extra precaution to protect the basement from water damage.

There are several DIY waterproofing projects that, although they may seem like an effective, budget-friendly option, they can easily lead to water damage as a result of poor instructions or user error. That is why it is necessary to understand the importance of hiring a waterproofing professional and search for the best waterproofing company in Northern VA that fits your needs.

Why Should I Hire a Professional?

1. Reviews & Credentials

Searching the online reviews of the company ensures you understand the experience former clients have had with the company and helps you determine if you can trust their service and quality. At Drainage & Erosion Solutions, we are proud of our 4.7 star Google rating. Our testimonials and reviews reflect our excellent performance and service to the full extent. It is also important that you choose a company with the proper certifications, and one that has been recognized with awards and accolades. Drainage & Erosion Solutions is an award-winning company, and all of our soil engineers and drainage system designers are licensed and have the necessary certifications.

2. Transferable Warranty

As Northern VA basement waterproofing professionals, our contracts specifically guarantee the strongest warranty plans. Drainage and Erosion Solutions’ 20-Year Foundation Wall Waterproofing Warranty certifies transferable below-grade foundation walls from leaking, durable for a period of 20 years. Read more about our warranty here.

3. Years of Experience

The longer a waterproofing company in Northern VA is in business, the more experienced their employees will be! The experts at Drainage & Erosion Solutions have decades of combined experience so you can trust that you are receiving the highest quality work.

Confiding in a trusted basement waterproofing professional in Northern VA who has the background knowledge and available materials is the best method to ensure you have high quality protection. As a home waterproofing company, we take pride in offering the best solutions for our clients.

What Waterproofing Services Do We Offer?

At Drainage & Erosion Solutions, we inspect every area around your home and yard to identify places where water is getting in. Our professionals evaluate the proper measurements and procedures needed to restore your basement to its normal conditions.

Our technicians are trained in waterproofing walls and exterior excavation. They also use sealants designed to prevent water from seeping through the ceiling and walls of your basement. As a home waterproofing company in Northern VA, we make it our mission to update you on every single project and procedure so that you understand what we do and our progress in restoring the water damage.

Our technicians perform every leakage repair with caution and care to provide effective solutions that prevent from future water intrusion from occurring. It is essential to have a professional inspect and monitor the source of excess water to take the appropriate action with waterproofing services in the DC metro area.

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Northern VA basement waterproofing is a craft. Have an expert handle the procedures and technical aspect of home maintenance. It is our responsibility as a home waterproofing company to ensure your home is fully safe and environmentally friendly.

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