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Why Downspout Extensions are Important

Downspout extensions may look like simple home accessories, yet they serve a crucial function: protection from water. They channel water off roofs, protect structural foundations, and drain water a safe distance from homes. Despite their simple design, rely on professionals to maintain and install your home’s downspout extensions. If your home needs a unique drainage solution, seek a downspout extension installation or replacement.

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Below, we outline how downspouts protect your home from water damage:

Channel Water off Your Roof

Downspout extensions connect to home gutters, which collect rainwater running off roofs. The gutters prevent rainwater from seeping under your roof, where moisture can wreak havoc. Gutters also keep rainwater from running down the sides of homes, where it can seep under siding and into window panes. Water’s long-term damage includes mold and structural damage.

Moreover, downspout extensions prevent excess runoff from pooling onto your deck, patio, and other outdoor structures. Excessive water buildup can erode such outdoor structures.

Protect Your Foundation

Downspout extensions help preserve home foundations. After gutters collect rainwater from the roof, downspout extensions deposit the water away from your foundation, ideally onto a downward slope. Without the extensions, rainwater would pool around your foundation and absorb into the soil. This water accumulates in the soil and erodes concrete foundations.

Accumulated rainwater can also seep into your basement or crawlspace, damaging the inner walls. As a result, your home may be prone to mildew and air quality problems. These problems are difficult and expensive to repair, especially when they reach your home’s living spaces.

Move Water Away from Your Home

Downspout extensions should extend at least 4–6 feet from your home. They can deposit onto gravel or a channel guard, which prevents your lawn and soil from eroding. 

For optimal erosion control, your downspout extensions should coincide with your drainage system. They can extend into French drain trenches, using separate tiling to prevent blockages. With this system, the water ends up in a swale or municipal drain.

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