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What Are Window Well Egresses?

a wall well egress built by a home waterproofing company Northern VA

For homes in the Northern Virginia area, window well egresses are a common aspect featured alongside many basement spaces. As they are an integral part of your home, they function as an emergency window that will easily open and provide your family with a safe passage out in urgent situations. If your basement doesn’t have a window well egress or you were recently confronted with needing one installed, hiring a professional to design and construct one for you will ensure a simple, cost-efficient process. 

To obtain a fully-functional window well egress, be sure to choose a professional home waterproofing company that you can trust. Drainage & Erosion Solutions understands that window well egresses are an essential part of your home and will take the time to install one that suits your preferences and provides you with the safety you deserve. 

To give you a better understanding of the importance of window well egresses, we have provided more information for you below: 

Section R310 of the International Building Code

According to the International Building Code, Section R310, each room is required by law to have an operating escape and rescue opening that proceeds into a public space. In addition to that, the egresses must meet certain sizing requirements. At Drainage & Erosion Solutions, we can help you determine which design options are available to you as well as install it accordingly.

How a Window Well Egress Will Benefit Your Home

Update Your Home Aesthetic

Window well egresses can come in a number of designs and styles. If you are looking for a unique or modern design, our team at Drainage & Erosion Solutions will help you decide which custom window well egresses will suit your needs best. 

Enhanced Comfort

While you can customize your window well egresses, you will also allow more natural lighting to brighten up the basement. Since basements are known for being dark and dingy most of the time, installing window well egresses will bring your basement to life and give it a more modern appeal.  

Improved Safety

With a newly installed window well egress, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are prepared in emergency situations. 

Contact Drainage & Erosion Solutions in Annandale, VA For A Modern Window Well Egress Installation

Installing a window well egress doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice beauty over function. At Drainage Erosion Solutions, our professional home waterproofing company takes the time to listen to your concerns to provide you with a window well egress that provides a safe and even stylish escape. Not only will we stick to your budget, but we will make sure your egress design is a cohesive fit to your home’s overall appearance. 

Let us install a window well egress that satisfies all building codes. Contact our home waterproofing company at (703) 534-1949 today!