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Tips on Improving Your Basement Waterproofing System | Washington DC

There are many ways that you can make a basement waterproofing system work for you. Do not wait until it is too late and your basement is inhabitable.

Preventative Measures

This may come as a surprise but one way of making your basement more watertight could involve plants. By surrounding your house with shrubs or other water-collecting plants, this will draw water out of your soil and away from your home.

Gutters are another essential part of waterproofing systems. If you do not have any yet, they can really make all the difference. By moving the water away from the edges of your home’s foundation, this will also help alleviate possible leaking.

Locating the Source of the Water

Aluminum foil will come in handy here. Cut out a cubic foot sized piece of the foil and adhere to the wet wall. Leave it for about a day and then the results will tell you one of two things.

The water is either coming from the inside or outside. If it is on the part attached to the wall it is coming from outside. This can be a bit more trouble but there are options which we at Drainage and Erosion would be happy to help you with. If it is on the opposite part that means it is originating from the inside. You can take steps to use a dehumidifier and increase airflow in the basement which will usually improve the situation.

Water can also come up from the outside up through floor. If this is the case, we have your back as well.

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