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The Difference Between A French & Surface Drainage System

Trying to figure out which drain system is right for you? Depending on what type of grade or slope your home lays on and how much moisture actually accumulates beneath it, choosing between a surface or french drainage system can be quite the challenge. When deciding on a drainage system that will provide the most support for your foundation and prevent flooding, a professional drain installation specialist in Northern VA can help you determine which one will work best for your home.


Having the right drainage system is extremely important in preventing flooding inside and around your house and weakening your home’s foundation. Drainage and Erosion solutions are premier experts in installing french drainage systems in Northern Virginia. Our team is dedicated to helping you understand which drainage system you should invest in and have provided more details about the difference between french and surface drain systems below.

French Drainage System

A french drainage system is constructed in a way where a pipe is placed beneath the ground next to your home’s foundation, which provides a path for water to sink down into. Most of time, french drains are covered with gravel or rocks that prevent large debris from entering the drain. This allows for water to flow a safe distance away from the house through the drainage pipe. If you have a consistently soggy yard and  water is getting into your basement, then french drain system may be the right choice for you. A french drain installation will help you preserve your yard and home for the future and prevent further water damage.

Surface Drainage System

Surface drains are the removal of water that collects on the land surface and often requires less labor compared to french drains. A surface drainage system consists of shallow ditches and includes land smoothing or land grading. Surface drains are geared more toward areas that experience large amounts of rainfall. These are efficient in helping rainfall flow away from your home more quickly. One of the major benefits of a professional surface drain installation is that it helps to prevent soil erosion and preserves the foundation of your home.

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