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The Benefits of Regrading Your Yard This Fall

With all the rain we’ve gotten at the start of this fall season, you may find yourself owning a flooded yard. Standing water on your beautiful and well-groomed lawn can wreak havoc, which can leave your plants deprived of oxygen, rotting root systems, uneven shifts in your foundation due to poor drainage, and more. Be aware that every yard has either a positive or negative grade. While a negative grade means your yard slopes toward your home, which causes water to move more naturally toward it. A positive grade is the exact opposite, in terms of your yard sloping away from your home. You can prevent yard imbalances by hiring a professional yard grading company to re-grade or implement the appropriate shifts to increase water drainage in your Montgomery County, MD yard.


Drainage & Erosion Solutions is Northern Virginia design-build firm that can enhance your yard’s health this season by re-grading, which will significantly reduce the amount of water damage done to your yard. With our team of licensed professional landscape designers, they hold the qualifications to quickly assess and repair any drainage and erosion problem you may have. If you are unsure about investing in yard regrading, below are a few benefits your property can experience from a properly graded lawn this fall.

Maintain Vital Topsoil

Over time, your yard can really take a beating from the changing seasons. With a large amount of rainfall pouring down this fall, your lawn’s topsoil can erode from the excess water and can cause abnormal plateaus and crevices to appear. When this occurs, it may cause the lawn topsoil and fertilizers administered to wash away, which will result in an improperly nourished yard. Re-grading will secure valuable topsoil and help replenish nutrients to your lawn this fall.

Improved Water Drainage

Untreated drainage issues can result in moss filled yards, a muddy landscape, and insufficient plant growth. Regrading provides your yard with the proper leveling it needs to thrive all season long. By making sure the yard is level with the foundation of your home. If you neglected to upkeep and give your lawn the fall maintenance it needs, this can cause pockets where water can’t escape. Prevent this from happening by making sure the center of the yard is higher than the sides to enable proper water drainage.

Ensures Foundation Protection

Aside from yard problems, poor grading can result in extensive damage to the foundation of your home. One of the most common water damage targets are home’s with a negative grade with basements. A Drainage & Erosion Solutions professional can provide a quality home foundation evaluation and re-grade your yard by creating a holistic system to ensure your home receives protection from excess water flow this fall.

Prevent Unwanted Yard Grading Issues with Drainage & Erosion Solutions in Montgomery County, Maryland

As summer begins transitioning into fall, it is important to ensure your yard is in optimal condition to set the stage for cooler weather and help it withstand the trials and tribulations of the colder months. If you are unsure of how to fix your flooded yard, then re-grading it may be the solution you need. Drainage & Erosion Solutions is an award-winning yard grading company  in Falls Church, VA that provides professional and experienced employees to tend to each and every one of your home’s drainage and erosion issues. If your lawn is frequently retaining too much water, our team can help efficiently detect and fix it. Be proactive and take the proper precautions to protect your property before any further water damage can be done to your yard.

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