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Sings you need a Basement Waterproofing System | Maryland

A basement is a wonderful feature in a home.  Many people use their basements for recreation, living space or extra storage. Whatever you use your basement for, the last thing you want is water leaking into the basement destroying your belongings and causing structural weakening of your home.

If your basement is leaking, there is a solution. You can look into a basement waterproofing system that will keep the water out of your basement and protect the foundation of your house.

How do you know its time to find a reputable company to help you waterproof your basement?  Look for these warning signs that your basement is beginning to leak.

Standing Water

If you encounter standing water in your basement with no discernible leaks along the walls or ceiling, chances are water is seeping in through your basement at the floor level.

Visible Cracks On The Walls

If you see visible cracks along the walls of your basement, usually on the outside of the wall, but occasionally on the inside, water can leak in through these cracks to your basement.


Efflorescence along the sides of your basement wall is a sign of leaking. Efflorescence is a white powdery buildup of salt that can sometimes look crystallized.  These white markings along a basement wall are a sign that your basement needs to be protected with waterproofing.

If you have flooding issues in your basement, a reputable company should be able to waterproof your basement.  In order for a basement to be effectively protected from water seepage, the structural damage needs to be discovered and repaired, then the basement needs to be fully waterproofed to prevent new damage from occurring.

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