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Retaining Walls Gaithersburg MD

If you pride yourself on having a beautiful garden in your yard, you need retaining walls to help protect it. No matter if they’re short or tall, retaining walls are crucial for a yard that has landscaping and plants. These are more of a functional implementation, but retaining walls can also look great and create a unique and beautiful yard.

Drainage & Erosion Solutions offers retaining wall installation in Gaithersburg MD. We know how to build a retaining wall properly to ensure that your soil stays in place and your plants can thrive. We will also ensure your retaining wall is designed to match your landscaping style and create a beautiful yard.

Why You Need a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls have several benefits, making them a must-have for your yard:

  • Protect plants: The main purpose of retaining walls is to hold a bed of soil for a garden or flower bed. This will prevent the soil from shifting and uprooting your plants. The soil presses against the wall, but the wall helps resist it and holds the soil in one place.
  • Prevent erosion: Because a retaining wall holds the soil, it greatly reduces the chance of soil erosion in your yard. Erosion can cause a muddy yard and other problems for your home, but retaining walls help prevent this, even in heavy rain.
  • Ensure proper yard drainage: Retaining walls are designed to keep water flowing properly through your yard and prevent flooding. They can be combined with French drains to ensure any water that collects near the retaining wall will be carried safely away from your yard and home.
  • Yard depth: Retaining walls add depth and different elevations to your yard. Built into your yard’s hills and depths, retaining walls can give you several places of outdoor living space. Place seating on top of your retaining wall for an elevated view. Outline your walkway with a retaining wall for a great-looking multi-level effect.
  • Beauty: Retaining walls also simply look good! Retaining walls can be built out of a variety of stone materials like Pennsylvania stacked stone, brick, flagstone, wood, and much more. They can easily be combined with other landscaping and hardscaping elements to create a gorgeous look you love.

Contact Drainage & Erosion for Retaining Wall Installation in Gaithersburg MD

Drainage & Erosion Solutions offers retaining wall installation in Gaithersburg MD. Our experts understand the importance that retaining walls have in a yard, and are dedicated to providing you with retaining yards that will help keep your plants safe and look great. Our natural Pennsylvania stacked stone walls, Techo-bloc paver walls, and timber walls are all guaranteed to look amazing and engineered to last for many years. They are built with French drains for stability and can be designed in almost any configuration.

Our award-winning employees have years of experience with retaining walls and will complete the installation efficiently, quickly, and accurately. We go above and beyond for our customers and will ensure we meet your functional and aesthetic goals at every step of the way.

Contact us today to begin your Gaithersburg MD retaining wall installation!