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Patio Installation Northern VA: Paver Choices

Limestone, concrete, and bricks, oh my! Having to choose the right paver for your new patio installation may leave you wishing you could just make things simple with a yellow brick road to the Wizard of Oz. Before you escape into another world, let us help you break down your options.

Pavers are recommended over pouring concrete because they are ideal for weather changes. They expand and contract with little risk of cracking while concrete is more likely to crack with weather changes and are more difficult to replace. There are a range of paver materials that add different textures, quality, and feeling to your custom installed patio. Check out these common basic pavers to get you started:

Brick is a classy choice that leaves room for fancy patterns. While usually a reddish hue, there are a lot of shades and coloring choices. Brick is a durable option, but will take a little longer to install because of their smaller size and the detailed process of creating patterns. Proper installation ensures they are aligned and spaced appropriately.

Stone includes flagstone, slate, limestone, and granite. These are some of the more common stones used for patios. You can choose stones in standard cut for a pristine finish, or uncut for a more whimsical unique design. Professional pavers will be able to evenly space both standard and uncut stone to ensure water flows off the patio without creating pools.

Concrete Paver: While straight concrete might be more susceptible to changing weather, concrete pavers can be specially prepared to withstand fluctuating temperatures. Concrete is versatile in that it can be custom finished with specific colors, textures, and even imitate other paver styles. Concrete pavers can be made into various sizes.


When to Install a Patio

With the up-and-down weather in Northern Virginia, the right time to build a patio can vary depending on rainfall and when the first/last frost is expected. The right time to build a patio is when the weather is semi-dry and your yard is not saturated with high water levels.

Concrete needs a temperature of 40 degrees or higher to set properly. Weather does not affect paver installation as much; although it’s important that you properly prepare the ground to avoid ground shifts beneath your patio.

Book your patio installation early. Even if conditions are not perfect at the moment, booking your patio installation several months in advance will allow contractors to gather the materials, supplies, and complete the design by the time your patio installation is ready to begin.


Building a Patio in Northern Virginia?

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