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Let Your Basement Waterproofing Expert Help Plan Your Perfect Patio or Walkway | Virginia

We know that winter is looming, but, for us, it’s never too soon to start planning out the perfect patio for your backyard or recreation area, or walkway to add some curb appeal to your front yard. In fact, we think that, by planning out your patio during the winter months, you can have spring fever all season long while you are waiting to spend warm nights relaxing.

Let your basement waterproofing specialists get you started with some tips on installing the perfect patio or walkway.


Begin with the right materials, and a host of questions. What material do you favor? Are you looking for a specific color, design, pattern, or style? Are you seeking something that will stand the wear of the elements? Will it be covered or exposed? Decide beforehand and your patio experience will go smoothly.


After you make the decision of material, it is then time to scout out a location (if you have not done so). After which, you may need an adjustment depending on your location. Be aware, sometimes a slight adjustment in location can save tons of headaches. Be flexible.

Breaking Ground

You’ll want to be sure that the area in which you have chosen has the ability to host your patio. You will need to be able to dig to “virgin ground,” about 6-inches deep. Pavers can not simply sit on topsoil or on uneven surfaces (especially not tree roots). Digging deep enough (to build it back up), will lend to the permanence and stability of your new patio.

Finish Up

To top off all of your hard work, consider dumping some fine rocks/sand material onto the top of your patio or walkway, then sweep it into the cracks. This will ensure that your surface is drainable, while keeping a solid, unmovable fit for your pavers.

Ready to start planning your perfect patio or walkway? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for details on how we can help you.