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How to Prevent Landscape Erosion

pipes for a drainage construction project in Falls Church VA

While it may be a naturally-occurring process, landscape erosion has the potential to cause serious damage to your property. With the proper preventative measures in place, your home can stand against any of the numerous negative effects that erosion can cause. And, as the environment surrounding your home creates landscape erosion in its own way, there are a variety of solutions to prevent them.

With a team of erosion experts and landscaping specialists, Drainage & Erosion Solutions has over 40 years of combined experience in engineering, landscaping, and professional drainage construction. We have received clients from all over Northern Virginia, coming to us through top-rated reviews and referrals from our previous clients. Our prompt, friendly service and lasting drainage solutions have helped prevent erosion damage to many homes throughout VA.  

Below, we discuss some of the solutions we use, and how they prevent landscape erosion: 

Grade Your Landscape

According to the Northern Virginia Soil & Water Conservation District, inadequate grading of the land immediately surrounding your home can cause serious issues, particularly water damage to your foundation. 

Firstly, grading is the process of removing a slope and leveling the base of a particular surface, specifically a landscape. In this case, inadequate grading involves the land around your home having an inward slope, causing excess water from rain or snow to flow toward your home’s foundation.

Instead, as the Soil & Water Conservation District suggests, there should be a 5% outward slope in a ten-foot radius around your home. That will allow to flow away and seep into the soil away from your house. 

Construct French Drains

A french drain is an effective and appealing way to redirect the flow of excess water away from your home. It involves a trench filled with gravel and a perforated pipe at the bottom. Great amounts of water seep into the gravel and drip into the pipe, which sends the water away from your home and its foundation. It can work in conjunction with your downspouts, placed beneath them in order to redirect rainwater from the roof, which could otherwise cause erosion near your house over time. It can also be used to send water from the top of a hill down toward the bottom, thus preventing surface runoff that could potentially damage your landscape. 

Install Drainage Swales

Another great way to redirect water flow is by creating a drainage swale in precise areas of your landscape. This is a channeled ditch joined by two soft slopes, usually placed in the lowest-lying areas of a landscape, where it can collect excess water and send it to an area away from your property. 

Its function is also to control the flow of water in your landscape so that it can percolate into your landscape without causing immense flooding and erosion. Similarly to a french drain, a swale can be installed to appear as a stylish addition to your landscape with the inclusion of gravel and suitable vegetation.

Professional Drainage Construction Services in Falls Church, VA

Every homeowner should have some form of your erosion control or drainage system within their landscape. It will ensure that your home is protected from the gradual, but often unexpected effects that the natural climate has. Therefore, hire a professional drainage construction service, such as Drainage & Erosion of Falls Church, Virginia. We have a team that has spent decades providing drainage solutions and erosion prevention to homes across Northern Virginia, earning us high-ranks in industry reviews and numerous client referrals. 

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