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How Can I Prevent Stormwater Runoff?

Yard drainage system in Bethesda MD

There are many steps you can take to prevent the accumulation of runoff from spring and summer storms. Most measures involve some level of landscape alteration, such as an effective yard drainage system. Although you can attempt to build one yourself, seasoned professionals ensure warranty-supported and properly engineered drainage installations.

Drainage & Erosion Solutions is among the most established landscape contractors in Bethesda, MD, and throughout Northern Virginia. We perform drainage installations and erosion control for both residential and commercial properties throughout the region. Our highly experienced team can assess landscapes and determine solutions to avoid erosion damage or other issues caused by abundant groundwater and runoff.

Here, we discuss what you should know about the effects of stormwater runoff and how to prevent it from affecting your landscape: 

Impact of Stormwater Runoff

Excess water from heavy rainstorms often ends up becoming runoff stormwater. Over time, this water causes all kinds of issues for developed properties and the natural environment. As more areas are developed with flat, hard surfaces, more issues will arise from runoff. Thus, you should understand how uncontrolled runoff can affect your landscape. Its impacts include: 

Pollution – Water can carry all sorts of garbage, sediment, and bacteria that it has collected. So, when excess runoff flows into your landscape, it may carry something potentially harmful to your family, pets, or landscape. 

Erosion – Stormwater runoff will also cause erosion, that is, the gradual displacement of soil and plants through the sudden overflow of water. Over time, this will negatively affect your landscape, making it difficult to properly grow it to its fullest potential. It will also result in a marshy appearance and a less functional exterior space.

Home Damage – Stormwater runoff–if left unaddressed–can also eventually cause damage to your home. Unchecked runoff can flow toward the perimeter of the house, soaking into the soil and collecting around the foundation. Home foundations without proper waterproof protection end up gradually forming cracks, leading to water damage and potential floods in your basement.

Stormwater Runoff Prevention

Though there are many ways that runoff can affect your landscape, there are just as many ways, if not more, to mitigate and reduce its effects. Some methods are simpler, requiring a decent amount of labor but not much experience. Other methods may require expert hands, but are worthwhile, as they are more effective in the long run. Below we list a few ways you can manage stormwater runoff in your landscape: 

  • Protect with Trees & Other Plants – In general, plants act as a buffer for excess water, especially during heavy rainstorms. An abundance of plant beds and trees can help soak up and filter any runoff water, ensuring your home or other areas do not flood, and that the runoff water is not carrying anything too damaging to the rest of the environment. Furthermore, tall trees with heavy canopies help spread out heavy rainfall over a larger area, reducing flood accumulation and making this option a long-term investment.
  • Utilize Permeable Surfaces – If you are thinking of incorporating hardscapes in much of your landscape, consider using permeable materials. This is a newer strategy in which walkways, patios, and driveways are made of specially made porous cement or asphalt that allow rainwater to soak through and underneath the surface, avoiding the risk of flooding or runoff pollution.
  • Install An Effective Yard Drainage System – Finally, one of the best ways to control any runoff in your landscape is to install a well-designed drainage system. This could include simply having professionals constructing quality French drains near the perimeters of your house or having them install more extensive drainage systems or swales, perhaps focusing on sloped areas of your property. Having one or more drainage structures installed by an experienced team will act as lasting solutions to any excess water issues that may cause damage to your landscape.

Drainage & Erosion Solutions: Preserving Yard Drainage System in Bethesda, MD

The above techniques are some ways you can protect your landscape from the effects of stormwater runoff. To ensure your home is safe from water damage due to abundant runoff, consider working with a team of seasoned professionals in constructing and installing a protective yard drainage system, such as Drainage & Erosion Solutions. Our team is highly experienced in assessing water damage and designing solutions that resolve erosion and other possible issues in your landscape. Contact us at (703) 534-1949 to learn more and find out how we can provide you with an effective drainage system.