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French Drain Advantages

French drains can provide an excellent solution for draining water on certain property types, such as those that lack a natural slope. For instance, you might have French drains installed around your home’s perimeter or below your drainage spouts. French drains can prevent water damage to your home as well as improve your property’s drainage. Moreover, they can be more effective than swales and even add value to your property. If you have drainage problems on your property, professional drain installation may be the solution for you.

Drainage & Erosion Solutions offers assessment and repair of drainage and erosion problems for residential and commercial properties in Washington, DC. We proudly offer a warranty on all our workmanship to guarantee your satisfaction with our results. Our professional team has diverse experience in design and contracting, which allows us to complete all steps in the project process. Contact our drainage team today at (703) 585-3321 for more information.

Below, we discuss some advantages of having a French drain on your property:

Helps Prevent Water Damage in Homes

Properties that receive a lot of rainwater are vulnerable to foundation damage. If they lack an effective drainage system, rainwater can pool around the house and seep into the foundation where water damage takes place. In these situations, the house’s basement is also susceptible to flooding.

To protect your home from rain damage, you can call the Drainage & Erosion team to install a French drain around the perimeter of your home. With this design, rainwater filters into the French drain and channels away from your home towards a rain barrel or a municipal drain.

Homes that lack proper drainage are often in need of downspout extensions in addition to French drains. Downspout extensions use tiling to channel water out of your downspout and further away from your home. Oftentimes, downspout extensions can be channeled into the same tunnels as French drains. 

Helps Prevent Standing Water on Property

Properties that do not have either a natural slope for water runoff or a drainage system can collect standing water. This moisture pools in dips and lower-grade areas on your property. Over time, the water will erode and damage your lawn, which minimizes the usable space on your property.

We can install standing water drains around your property, depending on where the water pools. These locations may include around your home’s perimeter, various spots on your lawn, or on the property’s outskirts.

Can Be More Effective Than Swales

Swales are shallow ditches where water runs off a sloped grade to deposit. The difference between swales and French drains is that swales rely on a sloped property to drain water whereas French drains can be built into a level grade to drain water. French drains are not necessarily better or worse than a swale; the distinction depends on which solution is appropriate for your property’s grade. 

If you have a level property grade, French drains offer more advantages than swales for three reasons: 

  1. French drains can be installed more conveniently than swales because they operate underground. Swales need to be located further away from homes and outdoor living spaces where they are less dangerous. 
  2. People tend to find French drains more attractive than swales because the former are neatly layered with rocks and channel water in the tiling beneath them. 
  3. French drains are swift and less prone to erosion than swales because they use tiling, rocks, and trenches to channel water. 

Adds Value to Your Property

French drains add functional and aesthetic value to your property. They effectively drain water from your property, which prevents damage and creates more usable space. 

Additionally, their design creates an aesthetic appeal. A French drain’s clean lines and rock detail add a visual framework to your landscaping that blends with plant beds and defines your yard area. Finally, French drains are relatively inexpensive to install.

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