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Common French Drain Questions & Answers

Homeowners with a perpetually flooded yard or wet basement may find a solution to their issue through French drain system installation. Such an installment can provide effective stormwater management on your property and thereby protect your most important asset: your home. Just turn to a landscaping service provider for professional support as well as reliable design and construction services.

Drainage & Erosion Solutions offers these benefits—and more—to homeowners in Arlington, VA. Our award-winning firm provides design and construction services, making us your one-stop shop for landscaping and drainage concerns. As part of our comprehensive waterproofing solutions, we offer a gold-standard warranty on materials and labor. Visit our website or call (703) 534-1949 to learn more about our options or discuss your drainage and erosion concerns.

Below, we list several frequently asked questions regarding French drains and answer them:

What Are French Drains?

Although a few types exist, all French drains redirect water away from a property and a structure’s foundations. The most common type collects water and transports it in entrenched pipes at the bottom of a narrow channel. Open-trench drains use the same design yet incorporate rocks and gravel along the top, transforming the drain into a decorative feature. Covered drains include soil and grass over the trench to blend them into the rest of a lawn, a yard drainage solution that does not disrupt a property’s natural appearance.

Are French Drains and Drainage Swales the Same?

Anyone familiar with landscaping techniques may recognize that French drains and drainage swales share a similar design and serve the same goal. Moreover, they both use gravity to move water along a pathway.

However, differences between the two exist. Drain bottoms are V-shaped, while swales have a trapezoidal shape with a flat base. Moreover, drains can hold water, while swales discharge it quickly. Speak with a home waterproofing company to determine which would suit your property best.

Do I Need a French Drain?

While professionals are the best-qualified individuals to answer this question, you can consider a few factors to determine whether you need a french drain installation. For instance: does your property sit at the bottom of a hill or lack a natural slope? Either scenario could result in abundant moisture collecting on your land or surrounding your home.

Also, have you noticed frequent standing water in your yard or dampness in your basement? Both issues could arise from surface water infiltration or groundwater seepage; nevertheless, each indicates a property’s vulnerability to moisture. That moisture endangers your home, so waste no time seeking wet basement solutions.

How Much Does French Drain Installation Cost?

Arriving at a total price for French drain installation involves several factors: the condition of your property, the depth and length of the drain, the type of drain you select, and so on. Therefore, speculating about cost would give you a poor idea of the eventual price tag.

However, you can rest assured that water- and flooding-related damages to your home and property will run high. Moreover, flooding may require you and your family to vacate your home during repairs—a great inconvenience in any circumstances. So while you mull over the expense of an installation, keep the advantages of French drains in mind.

Do I Need a French Drain if I Have Homeowners Insurance?

French Drain System Arlington VA

Before deciding to forego a French drain because you have homeowners insurance, check your policy’s details. Conventional programs lack coverage for flooding, and you may be liable for the financial toll of water damage. Drains, of course, help prevent such damage.

Professional French Drain System Services Available in Arlington, VA!

Before a storm or flood devastates your property or home, contact Drainage & Erosion Solutions for French drain system design and installation. Our team works with homeowners throughout Arlington, VA, delivering high-quality services and outstanding products. Indeed, our clients’ testimonials speak to the convenience and endurance of our work. For more details or to schedule a consultation, call (703) 534-1949 today!