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Basement Waterproofing Expert Gives Early Spring Landscaping Tips | Virginia

As the suns sits a little longer in the sky, flowers are starting to poke their heads out of the dirt, and our spring fever is in full effect, maybe it’s time to start contemplating those early spring landscape maintenance projects.

To get excited about the warmer weather, we here at your trusted basement waterproofing company thought we would give you some tips on getting your home and property ready for all of those landscaping projects you are eagerly planning.

Though it has seemed like winter will never end, we assure you that (in a very short amount of time) you’ll have forgotten all about the cold wind, and looking forward to the long summer nights.

– Clean and manage gutters and downspouts. After a long winter, debris fills gutters and works its way down the pipe to eventually clog downspouts. Take to the ladder and stop it in its tracks. If climbing a ladder is something you aren’t comfortable with, there are many companies who offer handyman services more than happy to help you.

– Take a look at your lawn. Do you see a season’s worth of branches littering it? Does your grass look sad and smashed down, ready for some TLC? Then it’s time to pick up those twigs, branches, leftover leaves, and dispose of them properly. This is also a good time to look for weeds and crabgrass. Meanwhile, grab your rake and beautify your yard! Use your leaf blower if you have one. Don’t be afraid to spend time in the yard getting ready for spring.

– After you spend time raking once, we advise raking again to dethatch the grass and prepare it for its first mow. Grass has a tendency to tangle up on itself after winter, and dethatching it makes mowing more fruitful. Also, take a close look at any bare spots and contemplate buying grass seed. The earlier you repair the grass, the healthier it will be later in the season.

– Cut-back and prepare perennials for the new season’s growth. The extra attention lets them grow fuller and with more gusto as the summer hits, protecting them from hot weather. Do the same to any hedges or shrubs you have. Further, search out dead or dying branches in decorative trees and remove them accordingly.

– Carefully manicure flowerbeds as to not damage any bulbs you have planted. This step is much easier if your spring bulbs have already started to show. Or, if you don’t have any bulbs in the ground yet, prepare it for the spring planting season by planting some annuals and accent grasses, and look forward to the bounty of color!

– Take a look at hardscapes, including patios, walkways, and any other stone materials outside of your home. Clean them with a power washer, a scrub brush, and a light cleanser to make them gleam. Apply sealing treatment when applicable.

– Mulch around flowerbeds, trees, and shrubs. A good, solid inch of cypress keeps moisture in the ground around the plants and fortifies their growth. Just be sure you don’t over mulch! When your mulch pile hits around 3-inches, it’s time to scale it back and remove the oldest of the bunch. Not only does mulch help during warm weather, come fall, your plants will stay insulated and warm.

– If you have a sprinkler or irrigations system, early spring is optimal for inspection. Turn it on and ensure it works to your expectations. Make any repairs needed. Call your landscape company for proper testing. Inspecting underground lines, spray heads, and pumps may be best left to the experts.

It won’t be long now! The first day of spring is just around the corner. Are you excited? Here’s to warmer weather and enjoying the outdoors.

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