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5 Possible Reasons Your Lawn is Flooding

For landscaping enthusiasts, your yard is something to be proud of. After putting effort and time into caring for your lawn, the last thing you want is for unsightly excess water to strip away your soil and drown your plants. Once you have honed the perfect look for your lawn, don’t let it get washed away. At Drainage & Erosion Solutions, our professionals know exactly how to handle yard flooding and drainage issues in Northern Virginia. We are an award-winning company that offers professionally engineered solutions to all issues related to drainage and erosion.

To better understand the possible causes of yard flooding so that you can take preemptive measures against it, check out the list below.

1. Your Neighbors

While it is illegal and unkind, occasionally neighbors will implement solutions to their own flooding problem that send the problem to someone else. Either intentionally or on purpose, neighbors may choose to grade their lawn is such a way that it runs out of their yard and into yours. Additionally, overflow from a neighbor’s pool or extra water for their plants can become a problem for your lawn.

2. High Levels of Precipitation

In Northern Virginia, the weather is difficult to predict. The area is not a stranger to long bouts of heavy rain, or sudden snow storms that reach a foot or more. When rain or melted snow accumulates in your lawn, it can have a detrimental effect on your yard’s ability to drain. Not only is this water build-up unpleasant to look at, it makes your yard difficult to walk through. If flooding is keeping you from enjoying your yard for its intended purposes, enlist the help of Drainage & Erosion Solutions right away. You deserve better than that.

3. Your House is at Bottom of the Hill

High levels of rain are especially a problem for people who live at the bottom of a hill. A low level of elevation presents a set of challenges that are difficult to correct on your own. Our certified experts have experience in dealing with this type of drainage issue in Northern Virginia and understand exactly how to fix it.

4. Improper Grading

If the slope of your yard is not angled properly for optimal drainage, water will get stuck there until it evaporates, which can take a while. There are a number of ways to fix this problem, from installing a sump pump or French drain, to tackling the root of the problem and correcting the grade itself. Whichever solution you choose, our drainage experts in Northern Virginia will be ready to consult with you.

5. Soil Issues

Certain types of soil don’t absorb water as well as others. Clay, for example, has particles that cling together and don’t let water through. Mixing organic contents, like compost, can keep your yard from becoming so waterlogged. Other flooding solutions in Northern Virginia include the installation of sump pumps or drainage channels.

Say Goodbye to Flooding with Drainage & Erosion Solutions in Northern Virginia

If flooding is a persistent problem on your property, you are at risk of facing water damage down the line. Don’t wait any longer; taking preventative measures could save you money in major repairs and replacements on your yard and house. Call Drainage & Erosion Solutions at 703-534-1949 or fill out an online contact form. We look forward to speaking with you.