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3 Basement Waterproofing Systems Designed to Keep Your Home Dry | Maryland

 It is, perhaps, the last thing you ever want to see when you head down to your basement: standing water. Because with standing water comes a host of other problems that could (very soon) erode your basement away to nothing, bleeding into other parts of your home, irrevocably destroying all that you’ve worked so hard for.

But you don’t have to simply just live with water in your basement, especially not considering the latest basement waterproofing systems available to you. Here are just three.

French Drains

We’ve spoken many times about the advantages of French drains, but it bares repeating because of how many advantages French drains have. That’s because French drains are one of the best when it comes to basement waterproofing, and our D.E.S. engineers have developed the best French drain system possible to keep your basement dry. Specifically designed to fit the needs of each individual customer.

Wall Excavation

Sometimes trouble areas have gone too far. They have reached the point of no return and need excavated and replaced. We can do that. Then, after the wall has been built back up, we waterproof it with sealants and cements like “Tremco” waterproofing coating to add a finishing guard. Add to that a liner designed to block moisture and pressure, and a D.E.S. guarantee, and you’ll be all set for the future.

Downspout Remediation

It’s a hidden problem that requires more work than many have time for. Especially if your downspouts are routed underground. See, the problem begins when a buried downspouts gets clogged, broken, or when the ground settles. Water slowly begins to work towards your basement and, before you know it, you have standing water in your basement every time it rains or snow melts. We recommend installing extensions before the problem starts. It is inexpensive and greatly beneficial.

Need help with your basement water problems? Please contact us for more information on how we can help you.